Via Torre S.Gioacchino,2
Santa Margherita Ligure
frazione S.Lorenzo della Costa
Tel. 0185 285915


Set Menu

Seafood appetizer "amici" shrimp cocktail , tuna , smoked salmon, squid sauce, anchovies
12.50 euro
Seafood appetizer "amici" with mussels au gratin 14.00 euro
Aubergine pie 8.50 euro
Muscles marinara 9.00 euro
Gratin muscles 9.00 euro

First dishes
Pansotti with walnuts sauce 9.00 euro
Spaghetti with seafood 10.00 euro
Vegetable soup 8.00 euro

Main courses
Spring chicken coal 9.50 euro
Rib of beef grilled 13.50 euro
* Soup octopus 12.00 euro
Fried mixed "Golfo Tigullio" 15.00 euro
* Fried squid and shrimp 14.00 euro
* Fried squid 10.00 euro
Fried squid 12.00 euro
Branzino or sea ​​bream with olives and pine nuts 16.50 euro
Grilled sea bream or branzino 14.50 euro

Side dishes
Mixed salad 3.50 euro
* French fries 3.50 euro
* Frozen products